1.77 ct. Radiant Pink Sapphire

Item Number: PS00047

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  • 1.77 carat radiant cut pink sapphire
  • Gorgeous deep hot pink
  • Sparkles and reflects light gorgeously!
  • September birthstone
  • Choose this sapphire to star at the center of your next unique piece of jewelry!

Hollywood Cerise is a fitting color description for this pink sapphire. The glamour, intrigue and allure of Hollywood is captured in this gemstone. Set this beautiful ruby-like sapphire in a ring or pendant and gift it to the celebrity in your life!

Item Details
Clarity VVS - Very, very slightly included
Color Vivid hot pink
Shape Radiant
Size (L X W X D) 7.92 x 5.79 x 3.98 mm
Treatment Heated
Weight (Cts) 1.77 ct.

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